Librarians provide instruction services to support faculty teaching remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. We look forward to collaborating with you during 2020/2021 to support your teaching and student learning.

Getting materials/readings for your classes 

Contact Library Reserves or your subject librarian

Provide detail on what you need and how you want students to access the materials.

If you are curious about making all your course materials free or low-cost, contact the University's Library's CALM program

Developing research assignments for online classes

Contact your subject specialist.

Provide detail on what you want students to learn from the assignment, what kinds of outside materials (i.e. only peer-review journals), and the time frame you’d like students to have.

Librarians can help you develop research projects that are engaging yet feasible in online environments. 

How do I send students to the Library now that we are only online? 

Just about everything the Library does is now virtual. Visit the Library site and/or contact your subject librarian

You can direct students to research guides. There is one for every subject and others for common questions students have; such as citation guides.

Contact your subject librarian to have a research guide specifically for your course

How else can students learn about Library services and resources?

It's easy to stay current on Library hours, services, resources, events, and more by following us on social media: Instagram @csusmlibrary, Twitter @csusm_library, and Facebook @csusmlibrary.