Search Tips

Some tips to get better, more specific results:

1 Identify key concepts.
  Let's say your topic is "How does the media affect body image?"

The key concepts would be:

     body image

2 Use quotes around phrases.
  Anytime you have 2 or more words you want together, put "quotation marks" around them:

     "body image"

3 Use AND between concepts.
  AND narrows your results to ones that have all your key concepts:

     media AND "body image"

4 Use OR between synonyms.
  Different authors might use different words to describe the same concept. Searching for synonyms ensures you get results with any of those words:

     (media OR television OR advertising)

5 Truncate words in your search.

Use a "truncation" symbol (usually an asterisk *) after the root of a word to get results with any variations of that word.

     advertis* will find advertisements, advertising, advertiser, etc.

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