Reserves FAQ for Faculty

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the Reserve Desk (760) 750-8363,

What is the Reserve Collection?

Electronic reserves

Are materials that have been placed on the Web for student use. Access to these materials is 24 hours a day and restricted to current CSUSM registered students.

Physical reserve materials

Are controlled course readings for ready access by CSUSM students. These physical materials are in high demand by a large number of students, therefore materials lend for a limited period of time usually 2 hours, 1 day or 3 day loan periods. Physical Reserve materials are placed on reserve by course instructors and are located at the third floor check out desk. Audio/Visual reserve material is located at the second floor Media Library check out desk.

To check-out physical reserve materials the student must have a current CSUSM identification card with library barcode. A maximum of 2 traditional items per course may be checked out to a student at one time. Late fees begin to accumulate immediately if materials are not returned at the specified time or date.

Media Reserves

Any media format can be placed on reserve in the Media Library for time periods indicated by faculty. Playback equipment is available in the Media Library for media items placed on reserve.

How do I place items on reserve?

For electronic reserve: Fill out the web based Electronic Course Reserves Form and email document files to along with the course and item bibliographic information.

For physical reserves: Fill out the web based Physical Course Reserves Form prior to bringing your items to the third floor checkout desk.  It's that easy!

For media reserves: Fill out the web based Faculty Media Reserves Form to place items on reserve in the media library.

How long can students check out reserve items?

Professors choose the check out period.  Choices are: 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 1 week.

How long will it take for reserve items to be available to students?

Reserve materials are added on a first come first served basis.  During the first two weeks of each semester it may take several days before the material is ready, but once the beginning rush is over items are usually placed on reserve by the next business day.

How many pages of a book or journal can be added to electronic reserves?

All four factors must be considered when following the Fair Use Doctrine (the purpose of the use, the nature of the work, the amount used, and the effect of the use on the potential market) so this is always a difficult question to answer.  We are generally safe using one or two chapters / articles of a book or journal.  Please look over your materials and carefully consider what would benefit your students.

How many items can be placed on reserve?

Physical reserve items are limited to 20 Items.  Up to 15 copyrighted articles / chapters per course per semester may be placed on electronic reserves.  There is no limit to the number of non copyrighted items (exams, lecture notes, solutions, syllabus, etc.)

Can books from the Kellogg Library be placed on reserve?

Yes. Simply fill out the web based form for Physical Course Reserves or Electronic Course Reserves

Can books from other libraries be placed on reserve?

No.  Only books owned by CSUSM or professor's personal copies may be placed on reserve.

Will the library acquire books for courses?

The library's acquisitions department makes all the decisions about book purchases for the library.  Please contact Hua Yi at

How do I get a password for my electronic reserves course?

Your campus username and password will provide access to your reserve materials.

How long are items left on reserve?

At the end of each semester professors are notified by email when materials will be removed. A new Course Reserve Form must be completed in order for items to remain on reserve for the following semester. Items that do not circulate for one year will be removed and sent back to faculty. 

Can I place my materials on both electronic reserves and regular reserve?


Do I need to fill out the bibliographic information on the form?

Yes. Complete bibliographic information is needed so students can correctly cite their sources and for us to stay compliant with copyright law. 

I need to change the title of some of the documents on my electronic reserves course page.  Is that possible?

Yes, email the changes to

I found a typo on my syllabus.  Can you replace the old one with this new one?

Yes!  Once a course is created and the documents have been added changes are usually very easy to make.

Do you have a copy of the textbook for my class on reserve?

The library does not purchase textbooks.  The professor would have to put a personal copy of the textbook on reserve.

Need Help with Reserves?

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