What are Physical Reserves?

Physical Reserves are materials (e.g. textbooks, course readers) placed on reserve by instructors and available for checkout at the circulation desks. These physical materials are in high demand by a large number of students; therefore, materials lend for a limited period of time as requested by Faculty.

What are Electronic Reserves?

Electronic Reserves are materials (e.g. book chapters, articles, website links) available online for student use. Access to these materials is restricted to current CSUSM students. Electronic Reserves can be accessed via the library website or through Cougar Courses.

How do I place material on reserve?

Please complete the required online form for any material you would like to place on reserve.

Physical Reserves:
After completing an online form, physical materials may be dropped off at the 3rd floor Circulation Desk. 
Electronic Reserves:
After completing an online form, send your PDF attachments to reserve@csusm.edu. If you need pages scanned from personal copies of books, you can drop off materials at the 3rd floor Circulation Desk for library staff to scan. If you are requesting pages to be scanned from books in the library collection, library staff will retrieve books from the library stacks to scan.  
PDF scans must be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, which include all PDFs to be in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format and must be able to be read by a screen reader. PDF scans must only have one page scanned per PDF page in order to be read by a screen reader. Optimal scans would be free of handwritten notes, underlining, highlighting, and any other marks not printed in the text.

Do I need to fill out the bibliographic information on the form?

Yes. Complete bibliographic information is needed so students can correctly cite their sources and for Library staff to stay compliant with copyright laws. Please fill in all required fields of the online form in order to submit the form successfully.

How long can students check out reserve materials?

You choose the loan period for your course materials. Choices are: 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, or 3 weeks. Most reserve materials have loan periods of 2 hours due to popularity. 

How long will it take for reserve materials to be available to students?

Reserve materials are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. During the beginning of a semester, it may take several days before material is ready. During non-peak times, materials are usually processed in 1-3 business days.

How many pages of a book or journal can be added to Electronic Reserves?

Please refer to the Fair Use and Copyright guidelines. The Library does not pay for copyright clearance. Faculty are responsible for ensuring their material are compliant with Fair Use and copyright laws.

How many items can be placed on reserve?

Physical Reserves:
There is no limit to how many items can be placed on Physical Reserve. However, materials that do not circulate for 1 year will be removed and sent back to Faculty. 
Electronic Reserves:
There is no limit to how many items can be placed on Electronic Reserve. However, Electronic Reserves should be be intended to take place of course packets. 

Can materials from the CSUSM Library be placed on reserve?

Yes. Simply fill out the appropriate online form for Physical or Electronic Reserves. 

Can electronic books be placed on reserve?

Yes. You can check the Library Catalog to see if we have your required text available as an electronic book. Some electronic book subscriptions allow only 1 user to use it at a time while other allow unlimited users. Double-check the number of users allowed before directing all students to use the electronic book since limited availability may prevent students from using it.

Please note in your form that it is an electronic book. 

Can materials from other libraries be placed on reserve?

No. Only books owned by the CSUSM Library or Faculty's personal copies of materials may be placed on Physical Reserve. 

Will the Library acquire course materials not owned by CSUSM?

Possibly. Faculty must reach out to the appropriate subject Librarian about purchasing their course materials. Library Reserve staff do not have the authority to purchase course materials. 

How long are materials left on reserve?

Phyical Reserves:
Physical Reserves may be left on reserve continuously if you teach the course both Fall and Spring semesters. Choose ‘Extended Reserve’ on the online form when asked for a removal date. If a course is not being taught, the physical materials are removed from the reserves shelf and are unable to be checked out. Material removed from reserve can either be sent back to your office or be picked up from the 3rd floor Circulation Desk.
Electronic Reserves:
Electronic Reserves are removed every semester in compliance with copyright laws. A new online form is required for each semester. If there is a large number of Electronic Reserves, please reach out to Library Reserve staff at reserve@csusm.edu.

Can I use the same form for all types of reserves (physical, electronic, media)?

No. Please fill out the online form for each type of reserve. 

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