Managing your Library Reserves

What is Library Reserves?

Library Reserves now provides instructors an easy way of creating, accessing, and managing course resources. Instructors can build, maintain, and share reading lists that include all material types such as books, articles, and media. Powered by Leganto, a customizable course readings platform, you can access and edit your redesigned Library Reserves lists at or through Cougar Courses.

Faculty Benefits

  • Create dynamic reading lists gathered from a range of sources including the Library collection, internet, and multimedia resources
  • Annotate citations to provide students with notes 
  • Easily manage and update resources for all your classes
  • View student engagement through the number of views and likes for citations
  • Easily customize sections and citations

Student Benefits

  • Library reserve material can now be accessed through Cougar Courses 
  • View due back times for physical reserves 
  • View due dates for sections and citations
  • Students can keep track of readings by marking them as 'Read' 

Instructor Manual for Managing your Library Reserves

This downloadable PDF manual includes step-by-step instruction on how to use Library Reserves for CSUSM. 

Instructor Manual for Managing your Library Reserves

You can also access training videos from ExLibris here (please note that not all features in the videos are available in CSUSM's version of this product). 

Need more help?

If you would like one-on-one training on using Library Reserves or have questions, please contact

Who to Contact
Library Reserves
(760) 750-8363
Kelly Ann Sam
Library Services Specialist
(760) 750-4369