Library Material Gift Acceptance Procedure

Cal State San Marcos Library

Library Material Gift Acceptance Procedure

Criteria for Acceptance of Gifts of Library Materials

  1. Material is accepted if it is relevant to the Cal State San Marcos curriculum.  We do not collect textbooks.
  2. Gifts are accepted on the condition that the Library has the right to dispose of them if they are judged not appropriate to the collection.
  3. Gifts are not usually accepted if the donor has attached conditions regarding location, retention, or access.
  4. Additional copies of items already owned will normally be accepted only if existing copies are in heavy demand, or in poor condition.
  5. Material should be in good condition, with no highlighting or annotations, and should not require binding or other repairs. Old/superseded editions will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances.
  6. In general, journal issues are only accepted to fill in gaps in existing holdings in our periodicals collection.


Procedures for donating materials


 If someone wishes to donate materials to the Library, please contact the Acquisitions/ Donations Unit by phone (760-750-4334) or email (  The appropriate person will determine if your donation meets the needs of the Library.

 Donors should, if possible, provide a list of the items they wish to donate.

 A letter of acceptance, with a count of donated items, will be sent to donors.  Please be

 sure to include the donor’s name, address, and phone number with the donation.



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Rev. mgs 09/05/06

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Approved  2/12/07 LRT


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