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Media Reserves


What are Media Reserves?

Media Reserves are films held for a specific course at the request of faculty.  The physical films are available for check out at the 2nd floor Circulation Desk.  The hard copy must remain on reserve at the 2nd floor Circulation Desk throughout the time the film is used in the course. The films can also be added to your Cougar Course container through Video on Demand if requested.  The majority of films on media reserves are also on Video on Demand.

Prior to accepting a film for Media Reserves, materials that are clearly not supplied by a distributor will be subject to inquiry by staff.  The Media Library reserves the right to refuse to put on reserve any program for which the legality of the recording is in question.

Off-Air Recordings (not recorded from cable or pay-per-view) are for 1-time use only and may not be used again in the same or subsequent semester without written permission from the supplier.

A variety of media formats may be put on reserve in the Media Library.  The formats include the following commercial products:

  • Blu-ray
  • CDs
  • Recorded lectures of the course instructor or student presentations with permission from students
  • Legally produced materials 


Can materials from other libraries be placed on reserve?

Media materials can be placed on reserve in the Media Library but they cannot be added to Cougar Courses due to copyright restrictions.


Will the Library acquire materials for courses not owned by CSUSM?

Yes, the Library will acquire media items but they must fit the curriculum and be used by more than one faculty or for more than one semester to be considered for purchase.  All media items must be approved for purchase by the appropriate subject Librarian.


How many materials can I place on media reserve?

There is no limit on the amount of items that can be placed on media reserves. However, recording is limited to 6 hours of recording per course per week during the first few weeks of every semester to accomodate all requests in a timely manner.


How long are media materials left on reserve?

Physical media materials may be left on reserve. Contact the Media Library to request items stay on permanently if you teach a course continuously. If a course is not being taught, the physical materials will be removed from the reserves shelf. Material removed from reserves will either be sent back to your office or can be picked up from the 2nd floor Circulation Desk.


When are public performance rights (PPR) required?

PPR are required for all screenings of copyrighted media to audiences outside of regular curriculum.


  • Student club events
  • Extracurricular sponsored events such as general lectures
  • Film series to which the public are invited

PPR are not required for:

  • Home viewing
  • Individual viewing
  • Viewing in small groups, such as in a group study room
  • Classroom viewing


Under what conditions will we accept donation of media?

Generally, the Library will accept DVDs that faculty generously donate to the Library that have recently been on media reserve. These donations can be accepted at the discretion of the Media Library (do not require selector review) and can be processed for addition to the Library collection immediately. The Library does not usually accept donations in VHS format though may make exceptions for essential materials available in no other format. See the policy “Gifts of Books or Media” for more details on donations and procedures.



Video on Demand


How do I get started?

First read through this important information. It is meant to ensure a positive experience using our VOD reserves service.

  • For all titles including personal copies, an online Media Reserve Form is required to submit your requests.

How will staff add the links to my Cougar Course container?

Media Library staff have access to your Cougar Courses and will normally add the links within 7 days of your request.


How long does this take?

All encoding is done in real time. Media reserve material is normally available within 7-10 days from submission of the request form at the start of every semester.  During non-peak times, films are added within a few days of receiving the request form.


I have many videos that I want on VOD. What should I do?

Prioritize your requests. They are processed in the order received. 

NOTE:  Due to the growing popularity of the VoD program, we must hold each faculty member's requests to a maximum of 6 hours of recording time per week during the start of every semester.


What can I put on VOD?

Any film from the Library’s collection or personal copies can be used as long as they’re original copies that adhere to copyright guidelines. 


I recorded a TV program. Can you place on VOD?

Yes, but with restrictions. On-air recordings cannot be used for longer than 10 days due to copyright restrictions.


What does Cougar Courses have to do with this?

All films are added to your Cougar Courses to allow students to view films either on or off campus.


I completed the form. What else is there to do? 

Personal copies must be brought to the Media Library to add to your container. Media must always be put on Reserves for it to be eligible for placing on Video on Demand.


How will I know that the links have been added?

When the films have been encoded and the process completed, you will see a link titled "Films" in the very first section of your Cougar Course container.


This is great! Can I submit videos for my non-CSUSM classes?

No. Links are not to be used for teaching at other campuses.


How long does my personal copy stay in my Cougar Courses?

Personal copies will stay in your Cougar Courses throughout the semester. As long as you continue using the media item, links for personal copies will be kept until you no longer need them. Physical items will be returned to the faculty member or support staff at the end of the semester unless otherwise requested.



Streaming Media


What vendors does the library work with for acquiring streaming licenses?

  • Films on Demand / Films Media Group
  • Alexander Street Press
  • Docuseek
  • New Day Films
  • Ambrose
  • Tugg
  • Swank
  • Kanopy

Public performance rights (PPR) (see #4 below) typically included in educational license from these vendors, but public performances, when held, must usually be free of charge for attendees.
Where possible, the Library will attempt to purchase/license films perpetually and with PPR (even if these are more expensive AND even if PPR are not expressly needed at the time of purchase), but may purchase a limited time license (e.g., 1 year) if that is the only license available.

You can access the Library's streaming video collections through OneSearch or from the Video and Streaming Media database list.


Can faculty show Netflix or HBO streaming films in class using their personal account?

A faculty member may review the terms of use of any personally licensed streaming service, such as Netflix, but the Library cannot interpret these agreements or provide advice regarding whether or not a personally licensed account permits classroom use.

Typically terms of use agreements prohibit the sharing of login information and restrict the use of the material to ‘personal’ use, but what is meant by ‘personal’ use may or may not be clearly defined in the service’s terms of use. An argument could be made that use of a personal streaming account in the classroom by a faculty member, where the login / account information is not shared with other people, constitutes personal use. The Library cannot provide legal advice on this matter.

The Library will make every effort to purchase or license material that may be available through Netflix or other streaming services for educational/institutional use.

Note that some Netflix documentaries are expressly licensed for educational use. See

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