Embedding Tableau Public into WordPress Page

*Note that some WordPress themes are not compatible with Tableaus, so after following these steps and the Tableau doesn't show up on your page, try and change the theme of your site*

1) Go to your Tableau and make sure it is published

2) Click the share icon on your Tableau and copy the entire link that is in the Link section


3) Head over to your WordPress site dashboard and create a new post (or edit an existing post if you want to put the Tableau on an existing post)


4) Scroll down and click on the Switch to block editor button on the right hand side of the page


5) Click on the plus icon and click on Advanced iFrame (if Advanced iFrame isn't showing up, search for it in the search bar)



6) Click the + sign and select Advanced iframe.


7) Paste the full link you copied to the URL section. At the end of the pasted URL, add &:showVizHome=no&:embed=true then add 100% to the width section, and lastly, click publish. 

Paste link, add 100% to the width, and click publish


8) After the posted have been publish. You can now click on the view post located on the bottom left.

View post


9) That is it! You should now be able to see the Tableau embed on your site.

All done






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