Is the 24/5 space secure?

  • There are two full-time Library staff members in the 24/5 Zone during overnight hours, and the Library works very closely with the University Police Department to make sure that the space is as safe and secure as possible. All users of the 24/5 Zone must have a valid CSUSM ID between the hours of midnight and 6am.

Can I request an escort to my car/dorm?

  • You can. Thanks to the CSUSM University Police Department, you can request an escort to your car or dorm at any time. Call UPD Dispatch at (760) 750-4567.

Can I eat?

  • You certainly can – snacks and closed-lid drinks are perfectly acceptable per the Library's Food and Drink Policy. We draw the line at large meals, so please go easy on the pizza, sushi, etc. while in the 24/5 Zone.

Is there access to food and drink?

  • Yes. The Break Room (Kellogg 2021) has a microwave and kettle available at all times—Snack items donated by ASI will be available at 9pm until 6am. Also,  there are three vending machines right outside the 2nd floor Kellogg entrance.

Is there a lactation facility available?

  • There is! Ask one of our 24/5 Zone staff for access, and they will check out the key and point you in the right direction. The lactation facility has comfortable seating and refrigeration available.

Can I bring my kid(s) with me?

  • Mini-Cougars are welcome in the 24/5 Zone with a CSUSM parent/caregiver escort, but should be supervised at all times and are expected to follow the Library's conduct policy. This helps us maintain a welcoming space that is also conducive to focused study!

Is there a gender inclusive restroom available?

  • There are three single-stall gender inclusive restrooms available for use on the 3rd floor of Kellogg, and the Library is in conversations with campus to build at least one gender inclusive restroom in the 24/5 Zone by the 2018/19 academic year. Until a gender inclusive restroom is available in the 24/5 Zone, please ask one of our 24/5 Zone staff for access to one of our 3rd floor restrooms.

Can I take a nap or rest my eyes during 24/5?

  • Do you snore and/or drool? If so, that could be disruptive to others studying in the space and potentially embarrassing to you. That said, the upshot is that while the 24/5 Zone is intended for active study the occasional cat-nap is a-ok.

Are any other places on campus open?

  • Nope - we're the only game in town.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

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