24/5 Zone Services

Can I use a study room?

  • Yes! There are six group study rooms available in the 24/5 Zone. Each room has flat-screen monitors you can connect to wirelessly. You can reserve these rooms up to 24 hours in advance for up to three hours at a time.

Can I use a computer?

  • Absolutely. The main computer lab in Kellogg (KEL 2000) is part of the 24/5 Zone, and there are also computers available in the Media Library – this means there are 18 Macs and over 100 PCs available in the space. You can see what computers are open in the 24/5 Zone and throughout the rest of the Library here.

Can I print, copy & scan?

  • You can print in black & white or color from the print station located within the 24/5 Zone, using the Paw Print system. There are no copiers located within the 24/5 Zone, however, you can scan and print documents. The Media Library has 2 scanners, and the computer lab has 6 scanners.

Can I check out books or other items from the Library collection?

  • Totally. Our excellent 24/5 Zone staff are available to "page" items from the collection by request, including library reserves. Please speak to one of our service desk staff and they'll grab the item for you.

Are librarians and/or tutors available?

  • There are two excellent Library staff members in the 24/5 Zone available to answer the vast majority of your questions. Librarian research help and tutoring services are available during the daylight hours!

Can I get my ID made or replaced in the 24/5 Zone?

  • Yes. Fees can only be paid by credit/debit card in the 24/5 Zone.

What equipment is available for check out from 24/5 zone?

  • You can check out: 
    Cassette recorders
    HDMI cables
    Phone chargers
    Logitech webcams
    Learning tablets
    Mini whiteboards
    Portable microphones
    Whiteboard marker kits

I cannot access the WIFI, what should I do?

  • Ask the 24/5 Zone staff for assistance, and any issues they cannot resolve will be referred to the Student Technology Help Desk: sth@csusm.edu 760-750-6505.

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