Research on Artists



Subject search the library catalog by artist's last name, first name to get the most relevant materials. Keep in mind that the artist may be included in larger works and not listed in the catalog record. To locate 'hidden' materials, expand your search to the artist's genre, contemporaries or general art books and check the index for the artist's name.


Sites that provide links to biographical materials, interviews and web sites for artists from all time periods and genres. 

Art History--Famous Artists--Master Index
This site claims to list over 22,000 artists by name, century, or nationality.

WebMuseum, Paris
Although no acknowledgement is apparent for the biographical information given on this site, the brief biographical information is accompanied by examples of the artist's work

Art Movements Research


Each movement may be searched in the library catalog by its name (e.g., Postmodernism) or by practitioner by specific name (e.g., Dali, Salvadore) or term such as postmodernist.

  • Artspeak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords  STACKS N6490 .A87 1990
  • Artspoke: A Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords, 1848-1944  STACKS N6447 .A85 1993
  • Dictionary of the Arts  REF NX80 .D53 1994
  • Encyclopedia of World Art  REF N31 .J32 1975b
  • Encyclopedia Persona A-Z  STACKS N6537.A2845 A4 1993 
  • Glossary of Art, Architecture, and Design Since 1945. Terms and Labels Describing Movements, Styles, and Groups Derived from the Vocabulary of Artists and Critics  STACKS N34 .W34
  • New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art  OVERSIZE  N31 .N4

Online Resources

Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online
Provided by the Getty Museum, this resources provides short definitions and descriptions of art terminology.

Art History--Art Movements
Links to brief descriptions of art movements from Abstract to Vorticism, identified by time period. Each page about a movement provides links to representative artists.

Art Movements Directory
From England, this site provides brief descriptions by either movement or timeline and representative artists. Some, but not all artists names will link to biographical information and images of their work.

Artcyclopedia: Artists by Movement
A short entry on each movement is accompanied with links to representative artists. The artists' pages offer links to museums where their works are held.

Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Art
Online courses offered by the Tate Museum.

Open Directory--Arts: Art History: Periods and Movements
Mirror site of the now defunct DMOZ Open Directory Project, this site offers links to both movements and artists. Some target links have not been maintained, but this is one of the more comprehensive portals.