Art Thesauri

Using these will aid in your mind map project.

Thesauri are tools to help you determine alternate, related, and oppositional terms based on an original word or idea. While most users think of them as an old-fashioned writing aid to provide variety in writing, they actually are very useful in today's electronic search strategies.

Computers are stupid.

Yes, they are--maybe fast, but dumb. The search engine will look for whatever set of characters you have typed in. The computer cannot conceptualize what you are looking for, it simply returns all matches, regardless of relevance to your needs.

What this means...

You need to be the smart operator! By being smart, this does not mean knowing all about the topic (then you would not need to do research) but that you come up with alternate useful relevant terms that you can use with or instead of your original concept term.

How do you determine these magic search terms?

A great place to start is thesauri, dictionaries and specialized encyclopedias. 

Art & Architecture Thesaurus (REF Z695.1.A7 A76 1994)

Thesaurus of Slang (REF PE3721 .L45 1994)

A Women's Thesaurus: An Index of Language Used to Describe and Locate Information by and About Women (REF Z695.1.W65 W65 1987)

Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art (5th floor N7560 .H34 1974b)

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture

Oxford English Dictionary
A guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. It includes etymological analysis, listings of variant spellings, and shows pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet

On the open web:

The Tate Museum's Glossary of Art Terms

Library of Congress Classification Outline: Fine Arts

Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online (Getty Institute)