Internet Sources

Your instructor may allow use of some web pages you find on the Wild Wild Web. NOT ALL SITES ARE OF EQUAL VALUE TO YOU AS A RESEARCHER. Exercise caution with statements you find and look for references lists and citations for supporting documentation. Without careful fact-checking and research, you don't know what is truth and what is fiction, but the instructor grading your paper is going to know! Click on a link below to open a page of reliable sites you can check out:

Before getting started, you might want to refer to this reference book in our collection: Art Information and the Internet: How to Find it, How to Use It at REF N59 .J66 1999. This discusses, among other topics, museum web sites, search strategies and more.

Digital Art Museum

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (summary by Indiana University)
Protect yourself by knowing the law regarding use of digital images and information. It is NOT true that anything on the web is free for use. The US Copyright Office offers a summary.

Digital Performance Archive
Based in England, this site attempts to archive current activity in digital arts as well as provide access to past work.

Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions
A variety of interactive and digital art and artists (including biographical information and interviews), hosted by the University of Colorado Art Department.

Chicano digital art collection and images

MAAP : Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific
Links to artists, organizations, resources and events for the artist working throughout Asia (including Australia and India)

Rhizome's Net Art Anthology
Online exhibition presenting 100 works from net art history

Free-access Journals
A combination of weblog and newswire, updated daily, that examines issues affecting the arts such as copyright, artists, performers and more. You can follow the Visual Arts link to focus on more specific postings.

Crossings: Electronic Journal of Art & Technology
Peer-reviewed journal looking at all aspects of art and technological applications.

Directory Of Open Access Journals
Click on "visual arts" to see freely-available full text of arts-related online journals.