2012 Electoral College Project

This guide is intended to give you a starting point for your research for the Electoral College Project. Below, you will find links to tools that I think will be most useful for your assignment. If at any point, you get stuck in your research, please contact me to set up a research appointment.


City/State Data

To complete this assignment, you will need specific information about cities/states around the nation. 

U.S. Census: The Census will be your starting point for this assignment. In addition to basic population information, you'll also find inofmration about education, income and businesses in the geographic area you are studying.

  • Economic Census: This subset of the Census provides detailed information about business and industry in your location.

Voting and election information

Secretary of State: The SOS is the office responsible for elections in a given state. You should be able to get information about voting laws and election info for any state from their Secretary of State website. You may also find past election results and information about the upcoming election. You will also find electoral college E.g. California Secretary of State and California's Electoral College information.

Registrar of Voters: This office is responsible for registering voters in a county, and running local elections. You may find past election information and local information about elections. E.g San Diego County Registrar of Voters


Library Databases for News

Use these databases to search across newspapers and news magazines. To access the full-text of the article, look for the "Get Text" button.

Database Full Text


Lexis Nexis Academic
Provides access to a wide range of news, business, legal, and reference information.
full text 1975→current
Academic Search Premier (EbscoHost)
Our most popular database. Covers a wide array of subjects with full text for nearly 1,850 scholarly journals, including more than 1,250 peer-reviewed titles.
some + sfx 1984→current
Ethnic NewsWatch
Full-text ethnic newspapers, searchable in English or Spanish.
full text 1992→current
An important index to political, economic, and social issues in current debate.
sfx 1972→current
ProQuest Newspapers
Includes coverage of over 300 major U.S. and international newspapers, such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune.
full text 1970→current

If you are looking for news media in a specific location, try ABYZ News Links. You'll find links to different types of news media for states and cities around the county.

Election 2012

Below you will find select resources about the 2012 Elections.

Specia Newsl Coverage of 2012 Elections:

California & San Diego Elections:

  • California Secretary of State, 2012 Election Information
    • Official Voter Information Guide
  • San Diego Registrar of Voters, 2012 Election Information


  • Gallup: Election 2012
  • 270towin.com, Polls: this is a list of the latest polls put out by different groups. Click on the polling group name for details on how the poll was conducted.
  • RealClearPolitics.com, Polls: also a list of polls. Click on the polling group name for details on how the poll was conducted.

Fact Checkers:

Campaign Finance: