LBST 100 / 300: Research Paper

Professor Resendiz would like you to write a research paper on a theme covered in the course. The purpose of this paper is to assess critical thinking skills and make connections across readings that support your research topic. 

The paper is used to measure your understanding of the following course objectives:

• Have acquired critical thinking skills relevant to understanding education policy and practice;

• Understand and be able to apply a foundational interdisciplinary methodological approach to the study of education policy and practice;

• Have a general understanding of the complexities of public education in the United States;

• Have a specific understanding of the recent history of public education in both the United States and in California;

• Understand the multiple constituencies served by the public education system;

• Be able to describe some of the challenges faced by the public education system in the United States generally and California specifically.

In your research analysis, you must incorporate 3 outside academic sources and 2-3 in-class readings.

For complete assignment information, please refer to Professor Resendiz's prompt in Cougar Courses.


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