Example of TO USE and NOT Helpful article types for this assignment:

What TO USE for this assignment:

  • Humanities formatted articles

  • Articles that use words such as: rhetoric, discourse, framework, cultural, argue, analysis, text (could be a novel, film, book, comic)

One example of an "article type" TO USE for your analysis

Cultural Consumption and Rejection of Precious Jones: Pushing Disability into the Discussion of Sapphire's Push and Lee Daniel's Precious



What article types NOT TO USE for this assignment: 

  • The article follows an IMRad format (Sciences/Social Sciences):

    • Introduction, Methods, Results, Analysis, and Discussion

  • The article mentions: a number of participants, states a hypothesis, uses words "this study," "the Data," "Survey," etc. 

Example of an Article NOT useful for this assignment:

Attitudes in Context: Media Effects of Salient Contextual Information on Recipients' Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities