HDI - get the full text of an article from Get it! at CSUSM

A search for articles in a CSUSM library database has been conducted. You now want the article in PDF Full text.

There are two different links that you may encounter in our databases: Get it! and PDF Full Text.

For example purposes a search for an article is shown. Arrows on the image point out two different links:

Get it! at CSUSM and PDF Full Text


If your article shows a Get it! at CSUSM link follow these steps below. If you need PDF Full text directions scroll down to the next section. 

  1. From the article entry OR from the list of article results: Click on the Get it! at CSUSM link.  Note: This is a three click process.  

  2. You will now be directed to the CSUSM library catalog (shown in image below). 

Our system works to locate a database that will provide you access to a full text copy of your article. Note: occassionally NO FULL TEXT is available.  Request the item via Inter-library loan for full text.

In the "View it" section of the library catalog is a link to a database that provides access to the article in full text.

  1. Make your second click on the database link provided. You will be taken to an article entry in the named database. 


  1. From the named database article entry, locate a PDF Full text icon. Click three is on the PDF icon to download a copy of the article in full text. Congratulations, you now have the Full text of your desired article.




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