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Access to ESRI data and mapping service is available via password request.  Contact AnnFiegen, your instructor or the GIS lab.

For library research associated with a business assignment contact the business librarian,  Judy Opdahl, to be put in contact with an administrator for a password.


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HELP INTRODUCTION to using Community Analyst Online

ESRI Demographics   See data source, available geographies and years and methodologies.  US and Other countries.
Sectors include:   For the US: ESRI Updated demographics, Census and ACS, Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending, Market Potential, Retail MarketPlace, Business Data, Major Shopping Center, Traffic Counts.  

Available geographics:  Census designations, and DMA (Designated Market Areas)  based on Nielsen Media Research.

Consumer Spending:     20 categories with data derived from Bureau of Labor Consumer Expenditure Surveys
Market Potential:    35 categories of products and services derived from GfK MRI
Retail MarketPlace:     Retail sales by industry (NAIC) and measures supply and demand. 
Business Location Data:     By SIC/NAIC industry; annual sales, employees and other. Compiled from InfoGroup.  Use for site or competitor analysis, day or evening hiring by industry, match to busines inventory statistics.
Major Shopping:     Location and data on major shopping center.
Traffic Counts:    Daily volume and changes. 

Using data from the American Community Survey  (how to work with margins of error and more)

Importing your own data into Business Analyst

Explore ESRI GIS Retail for marketing, merchandizing and real estate and supply chain

ESRI Demographics Global Coverage Story Map directing user to data and maps

ESRI Insights    ESRI Insights Tutorial