Arts & Humanities (e.g. Art History, Literature, Cultural Studies, Religion, World History, Philosophy, etc.)

Scholarly research in the Arts & Humanities typically follows:

Humanities formatted articles include terms such as: rhetoric, discourse, framework, cultural, argue, analysis, text (could be a novel, film, book, comic)

Example of this type of article:

Liberation Theology and Zombies: Paralysis and Praxis

Sciences/Social Sciences (e.g. Chemistry, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology etc.)

Scholarly research articles in the Sciences/Social Sciences typically:

  • Follow an IMRad format:
    • Introduction, Methods, Results, Analysis, and Discussion
  • Mention: a number of participants, states a hypothesis, uses words "this study," "the Data," "Survey," etc. 

Example of this type of article:

The Twilight of Youth: Understanding Feminism and Romance in Twilight Moms’ Connection to the Young-Adult Vampire Series