I completed this project during Spring 2019 -- am I eligible to submit it for an award?

No, eligibility is limited to projects completed during the following terms: Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020.

I completed this project while working in a research lab at CSUSM. Many of us are working on the same research project; is this considered a "group project" or can I submit it as an individual?

If you completed a portion of the research project on your own and were required to conduct your own independent research, then you can submit it as an individual. If the work was truly collaborative (including research using outside information sources), then it must be submitted as a group.

The project I want to submit was a required assignment for a class; is this eligible?

Yes! Many required assignments for your classes will meet the requirements for this award. Basically, if you had to incorporate outside information (which could range from journal articles, websites, artistic influences, and more) into your project, your project is probably eligible.

I'm not sure which category (Creative Works, Empirical Research, or Interpretive Analysis) my project fits best. What should I do?

Please contact the award committee chair at tolivas@csusm.edu with any questions regarding the category.

I will be graduating in December 2019; am I eligible to submit a project for the award?

Yes! As long as the project was completed at CSUSM during Summer or Fall 2019, it is eligible.

I conducted research/completed a project off-campus (for my job, at a different university, etc.); am I eligible to submit a project for the award?

Maybe. Your project must have been completed under the guidance of a CSUSM faculty/staff member. So, if it was for a CSUSM requirement (for example, study abroad), then your project is eligible for the award. If the project was completed for a different instution (for example, at another university under guidance of a non-CSUSM faculty/staff member), then it is not eligible.