• Saylor.org Communication Major
    Free courses in the areas of Mass Communication and Communication Studies. Some are open, while some are planned for the future.
  • Basic photography for the mass media
    “This class for beginning mass media photographers and photojournalists includes illustrated exercises, practical principles, videos, readings and portfolios. Also available is a nine-part self-guided Photoshop tutorial, and downloadable photos for practice.”
  • “This class-based tutorial takes you through American history through the vision of the nation’s mass media. It includes videos, a gallery of photos and publications from the past, as well as readings and exercises. Features include a history of photography and a video and essay explaining plagiarism.”
  • MIT’s Media Arts and Sciences departments offers many online courses. Course format generally includes, lecture videos, interactive concept quizzes (solution key), problem sets, terms and definitions, suggested topics and links, and exams (with solution key).