• The Open Learning Initiative (OLI)
    You can access course materials at no cost to the student or to you the instructor. Students work at their own pace, and can review modules before exams. OLI’s learning platform gives the instructor targeted feedback as the class progresses, which helps provide a red flag when students need more practice or if they are mastering a topic. Instructors can help design and review course materials with the open learning initiative. Instructors can take a tour before signing up to use the platform.
  • MIT Open Courseware
    MIT Open Courseware has 29 Undergraduate courses in Psychology and 18 graduate courses. Course formats vary, but some include, lecture videos, activities, assignments, discussions, and online resources for further study.
  • Saylor Foundation
    This resource provides course learning outcomes,readings, lectures, and web media to 7 completed core programs in psychology and 10 elective courses in psychology. Some of the courses listed include: Life Span Development. Abnormal Behavior, and Theories of Personality.You can browse through the materials and pick and choose what you want to apply to your course.
  • The Open University
    The Open University (OU) Learning Space has, 10 units in Psychology to explore. The units have user ratings, time it takes to complete the unit, and level of use indicated on the page. In order to use the complete courses and users need to sign in to keep track of courses. This site offers learning tools, such as knowledge maps and journals and students can print materials to view them.