Data and Reports for Business Research


US Census upcoming workshops and webinars

OnTheMap  Census Bureau
Map and get reports on ongressional districts, tribal areas, geographies, workforce, transortation, education, waterways, parks

Open Data Sources  One stop shop for government data.  In development

Data USA  Open data on public data for United States. Compiled by "Deloitte, Datawheel, and Cesar Hidalgo, Professor at the MIT Media Lab and Director of Collective Learning" (student recommended)

Google Public Data
Selected data set search,  ability to create and save your own data sets.


California Higher Education Data Sources
Web Data sources for California Higher Education 

Census and Government Sources: Statistics  Search for all levels of government data and statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United States of the United States Quick look up to fast facts.  By topic, employment, demographics, business enterprises, labor, population, health, etc.

US Census
     People and Households; Business and Industry,. geography

American Community Survey is an annual survey on demographics that updates the dicennial census.
An excellent source for customer demographics is the U.S. Census especially the yearly American Community Survey which samples population characteristics.   The kinds of information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau supports the work of and is used by federal, state, and local government agencies.

What's the difference between the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey?
American Factfinder  A tool to find census data
San Diego Association of Governments  County planning and transportation for San Diego County
In San Diego the local arm of the Census is SanDAG the San Diego Association of Governments which takes census data and inteprets and augments the data for local economic and land use and transportation planning

Commercial Databases (CSUSM users only)

The library subscribes to a number of data sets useful for business, many are listed in the library business course guides and research guides. Listed here are those with extensive statistics and data useful for business decisions. 

ReferenceUSA Consumer and Lifestyle Database   Use for business company look up, competitor analysis, site location, target market areas, links to Yahoo jobs and company contact info.  Limited lifestyle and demographics.

Euromonitor Passport Reports and Statistics 
Passport has a global consumer behavior marketing reports and statistics, supply chain, and economics.

ESRI GIS Business and Community Analyst Online.  See Ann Fiegen for password access

Simply Analytics (CSUSM users only)
Demographic, socio-political, and consumer behavior data and analysis.  Contains mapping and spatial analysis features.  Requires individual registration, be sure to look at the video introduction in upper right.   Contact the business librarian for help using this excellent source.