BIOL 211 Mustard Background Research

When you first start your research, you'll start out finding background information.  Jot down any helpful terms that you can later use in the library databases to find scholarly articles.

Your first step will be to identify the plant species you will want to research. Try doing a Google search for things like "plant adaptations", "plant biomes", "plant evolution".


Books are also a great source of background information. Search the Library Catalog to find background information on your topic. Use the "Discovery Search" to look for electronic items, or limit to "Books & More" to see what we have here at CSUSM.


The following e-books might be useful for your background research:


Search Tip: Limit to "Title" to find a particular magazine/book, such as "Scientific American" or "National Geographic".


Presentation from 9/23/14 class:


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