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  • Access Services Encompasses circulation of materials, resource sharing, course reserves, and the media library. (760) 750-4348
  • Acquisitions
  • Information Literacy Program The library faculty and staff in the Information Literacy Program (ILP) at California State University, San Marcos work collaboratively with campus partners to create learning environments and experiences that enable students to become student-scholars. ILP members foster students’ habits of mind, help build their knowledge base, and add to their skill sets in order for students to become knowledge creators.We do this in order to cultivate student-scholars. (760) 750-4375
  • Library Administration Provides administrative and clerical support for library staff, and receives library visitors. (760) 750-4330
  • Media Library (760) 750-4370
  • Metadata Creates and maintains access to electronic resources as well as physical material such as books, DVDs, and maps. (760) 750-4355
  • Resource Sharing (760) 750-4345
  • Systems (760) 750-4358

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